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1. Open Virtual Network Editor

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Check out my new vm cloning article here.

VMware vSphere is the most robust virtualization solution today. Cloning a Virtual Machine(VM) in ESxi 5.1 is a feature of vCenter server. Out of the box vSphere free edition hypervisor does not support cloning. But there is an alternative way to clone a VM.

vSphere client version

vSphere client version

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There is a lot of buzz of VMware virtualization solution these days. No doubt that VMware is the number one virtualization solution provider in the industry. People who are new to VMware’s virtualization platform often get confused in getting to know about vSphere and its components. So today I will be explaining all about vSphere and its components. Folks face difficulty to know about major components of vSphere. It’s important to know the difference between vSphere, ESXi and vCenter. To get in-depth knowledge and experience of vSphere you can install vSphere inside VMware Workstation with little cost.

Difference between vSphere, ESXi and vCenter

VMware Inc. is a software company that develops many suite of software products specially for providing various virtualization solutions. There are many cloud productsdatacenter productsdesktop products and so on.

vSphere is a software suite that comes under data center product. vSphere is like Microsoft Office suite which has many software like MS Office, MS Excel, MS Access and so on. Like Microsoft Office, vSphere is also a software suite that has many software components like vCenter, ESXi, vSphere client and so on. So, the combination of all these software components is vSphere. vSphere is not a particular software that you can install and use, “it is just a package name which has other sub components”.

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登入到 Esxi 後台, 我的是遠程SSH登入.

非常簡單,我的目的是把 examplevm 虛擬機的 硬盤 複製到 另一個虛機機 examplevm_clone

vmkfstools -i "/vmfs/volumes/Storage1/examplevm/examplevm.vmdk" /vmfs/volumes/Storage2/examplevm_clone/examplevm_clone.vmdk

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