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解決 PHP/mySQL 資料庫讀取中文顯示亂碼或問號

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$content = "";
$fp = fopen("", "rb");

if (!$fp)
die("Error opening file.");
while (!feof($fp))
$content .= fread($fp, 2048);

$fp=fopen("", "w");
fwrite($fp, $content);

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首先要講下 at 命令 是要用 /bin/bash shell 來執行的,
你可以在php裡查一下 apache 使用的是哪個 shell,

$output = shell_exec('echo $SHELL');

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This is because images and tmp_file_upload are only writable by root user. For upload to work we need to make the owner of those folders same as httpd process owner OR make them globally writable (bad practice).

  1. Check apache process owner:  ps aux | grep httpd. The first column will be the owner typically it will be nobody
  2. Change the owner of images and tmp_file_upload to be become nobody or whatever the owner you found in step 1.

    $sudo chown nobody /var/www/html/mysite/images/

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可以對 input 功能變數使用不同的 name 來上傳多個檔案。

PHP 支援同時上傳多個檔案並將它們的訊息自動以陣列的形式組織。要完成這項功能,需要在 HTML 表單中對檔案上傳功能變數使用和多選框與復選框相同的陣列式送出語法。

注: 對多檔案上傳的支援是在 PHP 3.0.10 版本增加的。

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function trim_dom_node($string){
$string=str_replace(" <","<",$string,$count);

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echo "<

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In the early days of PHP programming, PHP code was limited to being procedural in nature. Procedural codeis characterized by the use of procedures for the building blocks of the application. Procedures offer a certain level of reuse by allowing procedures to be called by other procedures.

However, without object-oriented language constructs, a programmer can still introduce OO characteristics into PHP code. It's a tad more difficult and can make the code more difficult to read because it's mixing paradigms (procedural language with pseudo-OO design). OO constructs in PHP code — such as the ability to define and use classes, the ability to build relationships between classes that use inheritance, and the ability to define interfaces — make it much easier to build code that adheres to good OO practices.

While purely procedural designs without much modularity run just fine, the advantages of OO design show up in the maintenance. Because a typical application will spend the bulk of its lifetime in maintenance, code maintenance is a large expense over the lifetime of an application. It can also be easily forgotten during development. If you're in a race to get your application developed and deployed, long-term maintainability can take a back seat to getting something to work.

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<?php function foo() {
$numargs = func_num_args(); if ($numargs > 2) {
echo "First: ". func_get_arg(0). "\n";
echo "Second: ". func_get_arg(1). "\n";
echo "Third: ". func_get_arg(2). "\n";
} return $numargs;
$n = foo (10, 15, 20); //傳入 3 個參數 echo $n; ?>

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PHP 5.4 支持 單引號 轉換 htmlspecialchars htmlentities 


var_dump(get_html_translation_table(HTML_ENTITIES, ENT_QUOTES | ENT_XML1));

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HTTP redirects usually have the response status 301 or 302 and provide the redirection URL in the “Location” header. I’ve written three complementary PHP functions that you can use to find out where an URL redirects to (based on a helpful thread at WebmasterWorld). You don’t even need CURL for this – fsockopen() will do just fine.

The PHP script

* get_redirect_url()

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  Pear就是這樣一個項目。PEAR是PHP的官方開源類庫(PHP Extension and Application Repository的縮寫)。Pear在英文中是梨子的意思。PEAR將PHP程序開發過程中常用的功能編寫成類庫,涵蓋了頁面呈面、數據庫訪問、文件操作、數據結構、緩存操作、網絡協議等許多方面,用戶可以很方便地使用。它是一個PHP擴展及應用的一個代碼倉庫,簡單地說,PEAR就是PHP的cpan。其主頁是。

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  1. php.ini

    Open the php.ini file and change memory_limit = 8M to a larger value:
    memory_limit = 16M

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Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded
出現這個錯誤如何解決 去哪裡可以設置最大執行時間

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php Simple HTML DOM Parser 強力解析html 工具

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require() is identical to include() except upon failure it will produce a fatal E_ERROR level error. In other words, it will halt the script whereas include() only emits a warning (E_WARNING) which allows the script to continue.

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